Back at it!

This blog is about writing, recording, mixing & producing music with both analog & digital setups, open source software, debian, freebsd & the kitchen sink. It consists of random thoughts during projects & sometimes a tid bit of useful information.

I combined the love of music, playing guitar & bass, analog & digital recording with knowledge of Linux & Open Source & created The Dejunair Project which is both a analog & digital recording studio as well as a fusion band. Band members collaborate & record via the internet. Check out & for downloads also.

A second music project, The Dirt Road Kings, are more of a blues & southern rock influenced jam band project. The music is still recorded & mixed using only Linux and Open Source applications.

This blog will serve as a what’s going on with the music as well as a how to record using a Linux & Open Source software based recording setup.

Hope to add a drummer to both projects in the near future, for now all recordings are backed by rhythm tracks created using Hyrdogen.

More music in the works….