Group, Bus or Both!

Lets assume we have a total of 8 tracks setup for recording a drum kit. Once we have a piece of music recorded and have the basic mix levels achieved lets suppose we want to “group” all the cymbals in a group titled Cymbal Group, all of the toms in a group titled Tom Group and a final group for all 8 drum tracks and we’ll call it Drum Group.

The reason I like to do this is once a group has been defined you can right click on the specific group tab and select “Edit Group”. This gives us some options for this group. By selecting “Gain” and “Relative” options whenever once tracks gain is adjusted it will also adjust all other tracks in the group.

NOTE: If you wish to adjust an individual track previously assigned to a group it must first be removed from the group. The track can be added right back to the group once any individual track adjustments have been made.

A Bus allows the routing of multiple Tracks via Ardour or qjackctl to a single fader. You can then add plug-ins, adjust overall all level of “all” tracks routed to the Bus and much more.

Bus’ and Groups can be used separately or together depending what your needs are for a particular project. As with everything experiment and try different things different ways until you find what works and most of all Have Fun Making Some Music!


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