Part 2: Debian 7 + Focusrite Saffire Pro24 + ffado-mixer + qjackctl

In this post we’ll be discussing signal routing using ffado-mixer with the Focusrite Saffire Pro24 for Monitoring audio.


First lets do a quick run down of the Monitoring tab window. As in Part 1 we are only concerned with the Analog outputs 1-6 of the Pro24 which correlate to Ch. 0 through Ch. 5 in the Monitoring tab.

On the left of the screen are Mute, Dim and Volume. At the time of this blog the big Volume knob has not been incorporated so we can ignore the Volume row. Mute and Dim however do work and come in useful. Set each Ch’s Mute option to Global and Dim option to Enabled. now when you click the large Mute button at the bottom of the window ffado-mixer will Mute all 6 Analog outputs. As you would expect clicking the Dim button will cut the level of all 6 Analog outputs by the amount you set in the Dim Level settings box. I have mine set to -10 db.

In the middle of the Monitoring tab window are 4 option boxes for Ch 1, 2, 3 & 4. Ch 1 & 2 can be switched to Instrument level input gain. Ch 3 & 4 can be switched to High Level input gain. As always if in doubt leave them off until you duckduckgo more information on the difference Instrument and High Level connections.

The Big Volume knob will hopefully be fixed soon by the ffado-mixer maintainers to work properly with the Pro24. That is the only issue that is important to this musician at this time.

Part 3 will cover setting up for a recording session from powering up the DAW to hitting Record and the many things to do in between.


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