Hydrogen tips n tricks

While no drum software will ever be as good as a human drummer, with some time and effort you can get Hydrogen drum tracks to sound pretty damn close. Here are some things to do to help get your tracks feeling a bit more human’ish….

The first thing I do when creating a new Hydrogen drum track after choosing the Drumkit is to open the Mixer window and adjust the Master channels Humanize, Velocity & Swing knobs. As a starting place I usually adjust all 3 knobs to just above the “0” setting, roughly the 8’oclock position.


Next we’ll close the Mixer and go back to the main Hydrogen window. On the right side under the Instrument tab the bottom knob labeled “Random Pitch” is how to adjust each individual instrument in the Drumkit. A setting of 0.10 is usually what I will add to each instrument in the kit as a starting point.


At the bottom left of the screen there is a drop down menu of settings to make further adjustments to help humanize the tracks. The “Velocity” setting lets you adjust each hit’s loudness. By clicking the down arrow next to Velocity you can access the setting for “Lead and Lag” also. Adjusting this setting is probably in my opinion the most important one in getting the right “feel” out of the hit by adjusting whether the hit is slightly before or after the strict beat point. By adding just a bit either way you can really give some huge character to your drum tracks.

These are just some of the things you can do to help get more feeling from your Hydrogen drum tracks. Now go make some music!



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