How songs are being created and recorded…

For the time being until I have a full time drummer to record with all of the music I post will be recorded in what I call “Jam Recordings”. All this means is everything is recorded in one take, good or bad, mistakes and all. The drum beats are usually quick and dirty ideas of what I hear in my head at the time and the main concern I have is to capture the feeling and the idea as fast as possible in that moment.

I post the raw un edited tracks, individual files & extra stuff to share the entire process I am going through and what I learn along the way. I am in NO WAY a trained engineer, I am a musician and out of work Linux sys admin who at the end of the day just wants to make music and share it with the world.

When a song is in a spit n polished finished state the blog post will have the song title followed by “~ Final Cut”.




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