Live To Ride, Ride To Live

One of The Dirt Road Kings instrumental demo’s of Live To Ride.

Live To Ride instrumental demo

Now that the vocals have been written we’ll be starting from the ground up with a new Hydrogen drum track. Created with the UltraAcousticKit:

Hydrogen h2song file 24Jul14
Hydrogen drum mix 24Jul14

Exported as a single mixed track and individual tracks both when saving the current version. Created a new Ardour project & imported all the individual tracks and the sum track. This is just a personal preference, someday you might appreciate having both a individual and sum track available while mixing a project.

Update 26 July: Adding rhythm guitar and bass tracks today, trying a couple different approaches to the main riff to find a guitar sound that fits best. Samples to come….

Hydrogen h2song file 26Jul14
Hydrogen drum mix 26Jul14

Update 28 July: Guitar tracks put on hold for drum track changes the past couple days. Sending updated vox cue to vocalist for consideration.

As the tracks are updated additional links will be added to this post.



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